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A Multi-Dimensional, using vibrational / shamanic healing to transform deep behavioral patterns

Spiritual Counseling for grief, depression, addictions

De-cords negative cords, old programming & habits

Reiki Healing & Training Centre

Master Reiki SymbolReiki is so powerful, that Carmen wanted to be able to share Reiki with you - as a way for you to heal through a treament or if you wanted to learn Reiki through our unique Training Centre.

Grandmasters of Reiki

Dr. Usui
Dr. Usui
Dr. Hayashi
Dr. Hayashi
Mrs. Takata
Mrs. Takata

Benefits of Reiki

There are many benefits to reiki, whether you are receiving a reiki treatment or are giving one. Reiki:

  • Is used for chronic, acute and transitional conditions

  • Promotes your body’s natural healing capabilities

  • Promotes deep relaxation and a calm mind

  • Works to help re-balance the body’s energy flow

  • Balances organs and glands and their corresponding bodily functions

  • Strengthens and harmonizes your body’s immune system and clears toxins within the body

  • Promotes relief of stress, pain, suffering, the effects of trauma

  • Releases emotional blockages and suppressed feelings

  • Releases old thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good

  • Helps raise self-esteem

  • Creates inner peace, fulfillment, sense of calm, balance and wholeness in your life

  • Facilitates creativity

  • Enhances personal awareness and intuitive capabilities and promotes connection to your Higher Self and Life Purpose

  • Pomotes conscious self-awareness and self-realization



Reiki Treatments: 1 ½ hours:

ReikiReiki, when practiced as a hands-on method, is a gentle touch. It is absolutely safe, simple and non-intrusive. A Reiki treatment is performed on a fully clothed client that is lying down on a Reiki table that is normally called a massage table. Loose fitting clothing is recommended. The room is dimly lit with candles. Incense is usually burning to create a sacred atmosphere, but only if the client has been asked in advance in regards to allergies.

Stone fountains are running softly in the background along with soft, soothing meditation music. The room is nicely decorated in peach and lemon yellow tones.

"The general perception of Reiki is that by leanring and practicing it one can radically cure bodily deseas by conveying healing by touch. That is the external advertisement only. The confidential truth is that Reiki can radically shift your life, heal it, transform it and give youi everything that you ever wanted out of life."

~ from The Joy of Reiki

Lavender essential oil is burned to relax and soothe the client. The procedure is
explained in detail and any questions are answered before booking a session. Clients are offered a glass of pure, spring water after their treatment to help them come back to their normal consciousness.

A client coming for a regular Reiki session
is one that has already received a transformational Reiki Spiritual Healing from us and only needs to be revitalized with a boost of Reiki energy. This would be someone who is clearing blocks or has a challenging disorder that requires more treatment time. Otherwise, normally one transformational treatment is necessary to assist or clear many disorders and illnesses in about an 8 to 10 month period.

"With Reiki there are no more 'O' for 'Obstacles' or 'O, what should I do?' -- All the O's are fpr 'Opportunities to heal.' Whenever you are helpless, immediately send healing to the situation -- helplessness will vanish instantly, and you will experience a free flow of joy in your heart center."

~ from The Living Handbook of Reiki

As Carmen's personal energy evolves and the clearer her healing intentions are, and the more she focuses on her personal growth and service to the Divine Plan, the more her healing energy evolves into laser beams of rays that she can see through her 3rd eye. She finds that many of her client’s issues and illnesses disappear instantly if they are ready and willing to do their healing work.

She finds herself almost hesitant to share such a phenomenal occurrence, but, the energies on the Earth have shifted dramatically in the past few months and those of us who are in tune can sense the subtle energies and are learning how to use them and put them to use in healing others for everyone’s highest good. For as we heal, we also bring the others into attunement with the higher octaves of energy; for the good of All.

The Process of a Spiritual-Reiki Session: 3 hours

When a client arrives, the client will:

“All of the ‘stuff’ in your Life
has arrived to Serve you, rather than
to make you a Servant of the ‘stuff’.

“Love is forgiving…
and love is for giving…”

~ Dr. Dwayne Dyer
‘Staying on The Path’
  • Receive a warm robe to change into if they are having a purification sauna first.

  • Be smudged with white sage and cleared of all negativity.

  • Is shown into the sauna that is pre-warmed and smelling with soothing, relaxing essential oils and handed a towel and a glass of spring water.

  • Be taken into a beautiful conference room for counseling. During the counseling session the client may need to be de-corded from and what attitudes and perspectives need to change in order for healing to take place.
  • I just wished to write and tell you how much your treatment was appreciated. The reiki was wonderfull, very calming and settling, the atmosphere of your shop was most uplifting, and your selection of stones and everything is unequalled from any that I have seen so far.

    I wish to say for any other people that may read this in the future that it is very much worth your time to go see Carmen if it is reiki that you require. I have not had the distance reiki done from her yet, but given what she did for me the first time, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be well worth it.

    ~ RD, Prince George BC
  • After the counseling session, Carmen begins the shamanic healing and decording process while the client is sitting in a chair in the treatment room. The process takes up to 45 minutes. A chakra clearing is done at the same time as the de-cording and releasing attachments from the aura and energy centers.

  • Typically feel better immediately after a Spiritual Healing has taken place.

  • Is placed on the Reiki table following the Spiritual Healing, and receives a Reiki session to rejuvenate the body from the releasing & decording.

  • After the Reiki session has been completed, the client's chakras will be cleared and balanced and filled with light. Often sound is used like a Tibetan bowl, etc.

  • During the Reiki session, Carmen is able to show the client, through their 3rd eye what their Master Guide, Spirit Guide and Angelic Energies look like in their 3rd eye. This benefits the client’s belief system and assists them in familiarizing themselves with the energies that they are likely to encounter during a meditation session and this alleviates the fear factor and brings them much joy and relief.

  • After the Reiki session we both pray and thank the Universe for the healing, and the client is again given water to drink to bring their energies back to the room.

  • Upon leaving, clients are gifted with resource materials to enhance their spiritual growth and grounding information and prayers to assist their healing journey.

  • Carmen never reschedules clients. They come on their own accord to her.


Reiki Session Prices

Reiki Healing in Person:  
  1st Session is 2 1/2-3 hours: please call for details. Includes Counselling, Energy Balancing / Release work and Reiki. $150
Follow-Up Reiki Sessions:  
  1 1/2 hrs $70 / Session
Long Distance Reiki  
  Please call about Distance-Hypnosis.  




Traditional Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master-Spiritual Teacher

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I


12 hours of study, manual included and a receipt for tax purposes.

Level I includes:

  • Each student will receive a private Attunement, no matter how many students are enrolled.
  • A special day is set aside for the Sacred Attunement process, for journaling, prayer and meditation. Formal instruction begins the following day.
  • What is Reiki?
  • The history of Reiki
  • The 5 Reiki principles
  • How Reiki can be applied to all life
  • Ethics in healing work
  • Grounding energy
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Reiki sounds ( bells, Tibetan bowl, native rattle, etc.)
  • Invocations and creating your sacred space
  • Introduction to the first Reiki symbol
  • Introduction to healing cleanse of the 7 chakra’s
  • How to do a Reiki self-treatment (the hand positions)
  • How to do a Reiki treatment on others (the different hand positions)
  • A sharing of books and materials
  • An introduction to crystals
  • Hands-on experience
  • You will receive a Reiki First Degree Certificate
  • Classes will be held according to the student’s time frame and availability


Reiki Level II


Prerequisites: Level I Certification and a list of hands-on practices on family, friends, and pets. There will be a 6 month waiting period for integration and practice between all levels.

12 hours of study, manual included and a receipt for tax purposes.

Level II includes:

  • Attunement process as per Level I
  • A review of Level I skills and Reiki symbol
  • Review of the chakra system
  • Introduction of the 3 Reiki symbols pertaining to Level II
  • How to use them for healing, for releasing unwanted habits, for empowerment goals
  • Distant symbol
  • Practicing the distance symbol with a teddy bear
  • Ways to do the distance healing
  • More practice with sound instruments to clear energy
  • Meditation and prayers
  • Students must keep a journal of healing experiences and personal reflections
  • Students must demonstrate a professional manner and attitude towards holistic healing and show a sincere desire to help others
  • You will receive a Reiki Second Degree Certificate



Advanced Reiki


Prerequisites: Reiki Certification for Levels I and II and a diary of Reiki healing and activities for a 3 month period. This level is only mandatory if one is considering teaching at the Master’s Level.

12 hours of Instruction, manual included and a tax receipt.

Advanced Reiki includes:

  • Review of Reiki Levels I and II
  • Review of how attunement works
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Receive Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Discussion and practice of the Usui master symbol
  • Meditation using the master symbol
  • How to clear negative energy using white sage
  • How to manifest goals
  • Aura clearing
  • Use of crystals in healing
  • Grounding and running energy
  • Discussion on spirit guides and power animals
  • Sound instruments
  • Review of the chakras and clearing negativity from the chakras
  • Discussion on personal goals for Reiki
  • Self-Reiki
  • Certificate showing completion of the Advanced Reiki Level


Master Reiki SymbolReiki Master-Teacher

This level is to be privately discussed with me. Please contact me directly to arrange training at this level.

All classes are taught at my home. Classes are taught on a one-on-one basis or a group of up to 5 students. Carmen prefers this way of teaching because it assures you personalized attention and you are able to develop a working relationship with your Master-Teacher. All classes are casual and loose fitting clothing is recommended to be comfortable.

If you would like to schedule a Reiki class, or a Reiki session, please contact Carmen.




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