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About Carmen

Personal Transformation With Reiki

Carmen St. PierreReiki is a healing modality that eventually evolved as my spiritual path. As soon as I received an attunement, the energy inside me shifted, changed and guided me into a totally new be-ing, different within my own body, mind and spirit. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the innate healing capacity within me, or that I was descended from a long line of spiritual healers from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Exploring and Changing

Everyone experiences different things upon discovering Reiki. My feelings changed about many things from what I would choose to read to what I chose to eat! Even though the energy is not connected to any particular deity, I found myself pulled in several spiritual directions at once. I called this my “exploration stage” and read volumes of books on meditation, cleansing, Native spirituality and Eastern traditions. I explored different teachings and discovered a personal affinity to Sai Baba and his teachings. I was also drawn to Buddhism and the path of compassion. I began to incorporate all of these many paths, along with the teachings of Jesus Christ, into a spiritual practice that worked for me, personally, and for the people that I was healing. In addition, I was able to empathize with everyone’s spiritual path, without judgement, and to appreciate everyone’s uniqueness in loving Spirit.


Dark Night Of The Soul

As my Reiki and spiritual paths became more intense, it started occupying more of my time - and then went into a healing crisis. My “dark night of the soul” involved taking time off my public school teaching position and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. During this time, I heard my Intuition say that “it was time to serve the children of god” but, since I was already teaching primary education, I thought the message odd and answered “that won’t pay my visa bill” and continued healing myself and teaching school the best that I could.

Then one day, I was dismissing my students and no sound would come out of my mouth. Frightened, my Grade Ones ran to the office to get help. I never returned to teaching after this experience. It was 6 months before I could speak casually again, and almost a year before I could address a group. My Spirit Guides knew better than I which direction I needed to go and they made certain, like they always do, that I followed the path that I was intended for. I also never disregarded a message from Spirit again!

New Direction Arrived

Carmen St Pierre

While convalescing, and looking out at the snow that winter I wondered, what was I supposed to do with the rest of my Life? I had a university degree, a strong desire to help others but wasn’t sure how all of it was suppose to come about! Depressed and discouraged, I started fixing up a spare bedroom. I began by adding statues of my favorite deities, not really understanding what I was doing, I just wanted to stay busy and not think about my plight. Before I knew it, I had my first Reiki treatment room and started putting out flyers in hopes of attracting my first clients. My business mushroomed from there as “word of mouth” flourished in my community as Am-Ra's Spirit was conceived.

Descended From A Puerto Rican Shaman

As I focused on my Reiki teachings and my personal spiritual path, prayed and meditated, my skills became stronger and new skills were taught to me by Spirit! It was about this time that my mother confessed that I was descended from a long line of ancestors that practiced much like I did, using white sage to clear clients before healing was allowed to take place.

The experiences that I was having were affirmed by my mother, who was a natural Shaman, as her mother before her, and her grandfather. My great-great grandfather would get up at 5 am, cleanse underneath a cool waterfall near the Puerto Rican rainforest, canoe to his healing hut and accept chickens, vegetables and wares as an exchange for healing the people in his area. My mother affirms that he would start healing by lighting a combination of tobacco to thank the “good spirits” and sage to clear negativity. I’m a descendant of a natural Shaman and he still guides me in my healing sessions today.

Eclectic Healer, Providing a Unique Experience For Clients

I’m an eclectic healer who uses many techniques of healing, intuitively, in order to attain positive results with the energy. I am now a certified Usui-Tibetan Traditional Reiki Master-Teacher, a Twelve-Ray Healer and use the rays, Reiki, shamanism, the different deities, the Angels, and the spiritual guidance of the client to heal an individual. I have found that prayer and attaining a light meditative state during healing keeps you connected to the energy of the Universal Light, the energy of your client, and it helps you to sense changes in the pulse of the healing session. I call my healing Trans-Reiki because it is transformational. I have seen people change before my eyes and have witnessed many positive reversals in the health of my clients. I am blessed to have played a part in the maintenance of their newfound health and attitudes.


My Power Animal Awakening

Carmen's The idea of being a natural Shaman was still new to me when I started seeing something new in my meditations. One day back in 1998 while in a very relaxed, light meditation, I saw a Grizzly Bear somber into my space and it just looked at me as I looked back, startled to see an animal after only seeing spirit guides and colours.

I was still in my early spiritual development and wasn’t aware that a spirit animal could just waltz into your sacred space. After the first staring match, I became accustomed to seeing my Grizzly Bear every time I went into a meditation and we became friends. After a time more spirit animals joined me to assist me with my learning, but mainly Grizzly, Eagle, Hawk and Owl remain. I see the others on occasion.

I come from a Puerto Rican culture that doesn’t adhere to Power Animals, like the Native Canadian would or the Native American. Being a Taino Indian descendant, and living many miles away from my heritage, I’m not yet certain if they honoured animal medicine like we do in my adopted Canadian country. But, I am aware of my past lives and these animals have come to me from other lives to assist me with the work that I am doing today. I feel that they are protective spirits that help us in our everyday lives.

Power animals are usually a reflection of your deepest Self and also represent qualities which you need in this world, but are often hidden or obscured. If you are already aware of your spirit animal, that spirit may greet you and give you additional power. All mammals and birds are positive spirits. Any positive spirit may be your power animal.

Grizzly BearGrizzly Bear came at a time when I needed the strength of Bear medicine, which gave me the power of introspection; the space of inner-knowing. The Bear is in the West, the intuitive side, the right brain, the channel of the pineal gland, reaching my rites of passage into the power of knowing so that my goals could become concrete realities.




EagleI received my initiation as a healing shaman from a Canadian shaman who put my hands into a blue pyramid in a healing session until they turned blue; a sign of a healer. Eagle came to me just then, talons headed right for my inner eye so fast that I almost covered my face! Eagle medicine stands for the power of Great Spirit, the connection to the divine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of earth. Eagle gives me the courage to do this work tirelessly, and has tested me more times than I can count!

HawkA few years passed as I learned to work with Bear and Eagle. Then one day, I noticed a new bird observing me as it whisked by in a meditation. I would often confuse it with Eagle, but, I noticed that it had brought a new skill, clairaudience. I began to hear Spirit and life became more interesting as I was guided in my inner thoughts. Hawk was the messenger of the Gods and taught me to listen to, and observe, my surroundings. I became more discerning as my intuitive abilities grew.

OwlWhen I was young, I was fascinated with owls. I had an owl collection of every size and color, so, it was no surprise when my Owl finally made an appearance. It was almost like, “Oh, there you are!” It felt natural because Owl came in to assist me from a previous life. It still perches on my right shoulder and teaches me about deception. Owl is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic. Owl sits in the East, the place of illumination and is also associated with wisdom.

I feel comforted by my power animals and the knowledge that God, or Great Spirit, put animals here to guide and protect us from harm, if we would only listen without prejudice and ignorance.

As I honour my healing path, so I also honour the path of Mother Earth, the Great Mother that protects us all, for “we are all related” in unity consciousness, whether on two legs or four.


My Beliefs

  • Knowledge and gifts are meant to be shared and if they are shared, then Spirit will reward you with more information and skills. Sharing materials, books, resources, information and my experiences with clients and students is fully integrated in my healing and teaching.

  • Healing takes place when the person in question is ready to face the challenges in their lives and is ready to deal with the problems and able to see the solutions. I am just the “facilitator of the Universal Light Energy”, a conduit of the energy, that passes from me to the recipient.

  • Prayer, meditation and a holistic approach to diet, exercise and a good, honest living is also what promotes peace, harmony and longstanding health, free from stress and strain.

  • A holistic approach to life needs to be maintained in this day of changing energy shifts, weather changes, unpredictability and changing attitudes in society as a whole.

  • I use Reiki as a baseline for good health and harmonious living. I freely teach this to others in workshops, training sessions, healing sessions, and anywhere that I go.

  • Above all, I have learned to teach, and not to advise in order not to interfere with the other person’s karmic path. “Do not throw your pearls at swines” is a good motto I adhere to.




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