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Spiritual Counseling for grief, depression, addictions

De-cords negative cords, old programming & habits

Welcome to Am Ra's Spirit - Ministering Wellness

Let me tell you a little about myself, before you make your Selection…

I have been intuitive since I was a child. I’ve been working as a Psychic-Medium-Healer field for 30 Years. My formal training is in elementary school teaching, with a minor in learning disabilities.

I am also a certified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master-Shamanic Healer and a trained Reflexologist and Essential Oil Therapist.

My Main interest in hypnosis was in past life regression, healing people from traumas and counselling.

My healing abilities are inherited from my great-great grandfather who was a Shamanic Healer, as was his father, and other family members. Intuition, and healing through prayer, were a common occurrence in my household. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and have a strong connection to Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

I am currently working with the Ascended Masters, and the Brotherhood of the Light; intelligent, ascended Beings, who help those on earth to lead better lives.

I grew-up feeling different than others, especially through high school and university. It wasn’t until I was teaching school that I realized that my angelic connection was guiding me to help my students and their parents. After many years of teaching, my abilities started to grow louder, and insistent. I finally realized that I had a calling from God to help others with their life path.

After 20 years of teaching school, I had to give up my job. Not so easily, though. My health started to suffer, and I didn’t recover until I made my chosen path my life goal. As incredible as that sounds, and to the astonishment of the establishment, I had to move on, and start again. Such is the way of the lightworker, and healer. We don’t know that we’re destined to follow this path until things get out of control, and you have to admit to yourself that you have a cCalling that you must own up to.

Such has been my life, and in my later 50’s, I started walking my own path, hoping that I would get people to understand and listen to the fact that they were born with helpers who want to help them find their way.

That is what my goal is with you: to assist you to open to your life’s goals, your spiritual intuitive-side that God provided for you before you were born.

I am here to provide you with a service that will connect you to your Higher Self, your Guides and Angels, who have been waiting for years for a moment to connect with you, in order to guide you to a higher place in your life. Your moments of sharing with me will be informative, rewarding, and always, reassuring and grounded.

Often miracles happen when I’m working with people, and you will be shown that I was the right person for you.

Please, if you are thinking about contacting me… check in with your Higher Self and Angels, and they will give you a warm feeling all over that will reassure you that you’re making the right choice.

I’m looking forward to your email.

Blessings and Gratitude,


Carmen St Pierre of Amra's Spriit


Hypnosis Works!
Hypnosis is changing my life! I’ve seen Carmen three times now, and I can feel nothing but calmness, and a complete feeling of serenity. The tranquility is so lasting that I feel nothing can bring me down. It brings a whole new meaning to be ‘high on life’! Carmen is absolutely amazing, and a life savoir!

~Mary-Anne F., Calgary, AB
Student, age 17

When I had my first Healing with Carmen, I was an alcoholic and had no idea who she was, or what she was. Someone recommended her to me. She removed the demon of drink from me and within months I was sober.

After about 6 years I found myself sober but, alone and unhappy. I did not socalize with anyone.

I contacted Carmen about a Telephone Reading and am so thankful to report that with her love and guidance, I have become a happy, hopeful and spiritual person.

I am so thankful to Carmen and highly recommend her.

Thank you - with Love

~ Gayle
Grand Prairie, AB, Canada 

Encourage a friend to book and receive $10 off your next session!!!



I just wanted to let you know that my children are thrilled with their sessions with you. They are more focused, balanced, calm and confident since you worked with them and are looking forward to their next visit!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

My own time with Carmen was a powerful experience. Her connection to Spirit is strong. Her love is deep. Her desire to help others find their way and to heal is sincere. I know she puts a lot of time into preparing herself to serve each of her clients’ best interests and greatest purpose ~ this is evident in the strength and effectiveness of her healing sessions. It is my hope that everyone has an opportunity to work with Carmen or someone as gifted and loving as she is.

With respect and admiration,

~ Leah, Andrew and Taylor



Fee Schedule

Basic 30 Minute Reading

After a brief introduction to a general question, a 3-card Spread will be drawn and guidance given accordingly. This is my contribution to people who need a reading and are short on funds. 30 minutes $30 Donation

In-depth Tarot-Mediumship Reading with Free 3-Card Angel Spread

This reading is meant for a deeper issue, and goes into past, present and future circumstances. 1 hour, 15 min $80 Donation

A Message from Your Personal Angels

A general message from your angels, typed and emailed for you to read. One personal question is allowed to be added. You must provide your birthday, and full name, email address, and telephone number. I will call you and share the reading with you.   $70 Donation

A Channeling from Your Guide

Your most earnest question is answered, typed, and emailed to you. You must submit your full name, email address and telephone number. I will call and share the reading with you.   $70 Donation

Telephone Healing: Teaching Grounding, Clearing Negative Energy and Filling the Chakra’s with Light

Can be combined with a reading (must be arranged ahead of time). 1 hour $100 Donation

Higher Self-Attunements and Connection

Telephone healing with the additional connection to the higher self and I Am presence connection. 1 ½ hours $120 Donation

Simple Clearing

If you’ve had a former healing and clearing session with me, you can email for just a clearing to be done. 30 min $50 Donation

A Basic Counselling-Guidance Session

A problem can be discussed, and counselling and guidance is given over the telephone. 30 min $50 Donation
  1 hour $100 Donation


Miscellaneous Notes

Check back with Amra’s Psychic Readings as specials will be put on periodically.

I appreciate testimonials, and post them on my website to share with others.

All bookings are done through email, then, I provide you with personal xontact information.

Payments can be done through PayPal / email payment to Or, if in Canada, bank deposits can be done at CIBC under my personal name.

For more healing information, please go to and contact me with any questions that you may have.

Check out my blog,, for FREE CHANNELED ANGEL MESSAGES AND READINGS. I welcome your thoughts on these readings.. please post them on the blog.

****OCCASIONALLY, FRAUDULENT CRANKS TAKE UP MY TIME: All clients will be asked for their contact information to ensure the integrity of the work being offered. Thank you for your co-operation.

If you have an issue that requires more than what you’ve seen listed on this website, please feel free to contact me and we can determine the best course of action to take.. I’ve been in business for 35 years and no question is silly or ridiculous.

Protection Prayer

May the pure white light of the Christ surround you,
May everything that is positive enter and protect you,
May everything else go back to the nothingness from which it came.

Author, Unknown




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